Facilities and Equipment

Situated in this facility is the Shipside Training School with the capacity to accommodate 120 participants or trainees at a time. The training school runs workshops and programmes for the developmental needs of not only our staff, but also for our clients at their request. The school is gradually becoming the point of reference of skill acquisition in various aspects of marine operations.

Shipside Training School

Shipside Drydock recently carried out repair of a burnt rig, which hitherto would have been shipped out to Europe for repairs. However, the client decided to give us a trial. We did not only complete the repair works on time, we also provided quality services that resulted in the rig going back to drill.

There is massive capital investment in Nigeri-an shipyards that can make them compete with any shipyard in the world. The quality of staff in these yards are second to none (local and expatriates), thereby making them to be in a position to handle any kind of ship repair.

We recognise the importance of operating in a social and responsible manner. We are aware and alive to our responsibility to our stakeholders. As a good corporate citizen, Shipside Drydock partners and constantly engages it stakeholders and ways of creating a lasting and positive impact on our host community, environment and mankind.

The issue of preference for anything foreign should be of great concern to the government. Most of our teeming youths are unemployed because of lack of patronage of made in Nigeria goods or services. It is this mentality that is affecting ship owners, resulting in the preference for foreign shipyards at the expense of Nigerian shipyards.